Natural Tan 10 LB. Natural Grey 10 LB. Natural White 10 LB.
Glo in the Dark 5 LB. Beige 5 LB. Cherry Red 5 LB.
Purple 5 LB. Black 5 LB. Green 5 LB.
Blue 5 LB. Red Rock 5 LB. Natural White 5 LB.
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Black 5 LB.
item# 81710
The original, #1 desert substrate is made from pure calcium carbonate. Our patented formula utilizes FDA approved pigments to provide 11 colors and blends to choose from. Calci-Sand is designed for the incidental ingestion of the substrate by reptiles. CalciSand is not intended to be a supplement, rather a great alternative to play sands and other desert substrates.